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Hey. I'm Workman Song. Thanks for checking me out. Right, so: what is this subscription thing all about?

I write and record a large, large amount of music. I want you to hear it. But I can't give everything to everyone -- frankly, if I were to release everything when I wanted to (as soon as it's recorded), I would outpace my ability to promote things step by step with the outside world. When I put out a single, it takes a few months to really get that thing out onto the radio, into the blogs, in the papers, whatnot.

It's the difference between being a befuddling motor-mouth and an eloquent, charismatic speaker...

This little corner of Bandcamp allows me to be a befuddling motor-mouth! Now, I can give all of my music to the people who really want to listen to it regardless of the proverbial "album cycle". This isn't me trying to woo or impress the rest of the world on its own time -- it's me sharing stuff when it's brand new with my strongest supporters, on my own time. There's also a lot of back catalogue stuff too.

Gotta love the internet.

Sound good? Sign up, I'll be eternally grateful for your support. My art is my life. You'll be making it all happen.

Love & thanks,

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Workman Song
Northampton, Massachusetts
“...equal parts Rodriguez (Searching For Sugarman), Bruce, and the Dead...what Dylan would have sounded like on about six tabs of acid.” - Baeblemusic

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