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The World Has Gone Completely Mad EP

by Workman Song

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the world has gone completely mad and i don't care you can taste it in the water you can smell it on our breath the world has gone completely insane they lost their minds inside of their brains the world has gone completely mad and that's alright let em fight the world don't give a fuck bout your shit so who gives a shit? hey, it doesn't really matter fecal human waste of flesh the world won't need to end if it ends before we kill this ungodly suspense the world don't give a fuck bout your shit and it's about time let em die let em die the world is overlooking the facts but relax you can tweet it on your twitter once you figure out the superior source the world has gone completely mad no reason to feel sorrow or sadness the world is on the brink of collapse but relax! listen to the sax:
well if you wana build a wall, build it three miles high, be my guest, throw your insult and if you wana swing a wrecking ball, you might as well try, i'm sure it's very simple you've got limp wrists, small hands, a sour face, and your hair looks like a turtle and you're milkin your position for all that it's worth, but the milk is gonna curdle clap your hands, move your ankles 2 3 4 rock and roll, rock and roll, save our souls. rock and roll, rock and roll well the party is a-raging and the machine is warm with the pride of the deceiver and the effigies all look like you and when you're blue the joke's on you, you take it to your twitter! but as for me and mine, we read the signs of the times on overdrive, our hearts are heavy beating -- heavy as hell, but all is well, we got soldier souls, we got rock and roll, and you're just sittin on your toilet tweeting! clap your hands, move your ankles 2 3 4 rock and roll, rock and roll, save our souls. rock and roll, rock and roll credits
when you were younger, you had a murderous hunger maybe 'twas just in yer head, put there by the walking dead but o, how that germ began to spread and now you are older, conscripted to be a soldier flying your own drone from the comfort of your home -- that they say, some day, you'll surely get to own one fine day, you'll be too old to play and you'll be too weak to carry that heavy flag one fine day, you'll learn that it's ok to be such a poor bastard ain't so bad but now you've kicked the trauma, so you've added a pool and sauna the property value skyrockets! you decide to run for office, since the fates have kindly given you the legs now they're broadcasting you on cable and promoting your noble fable they raise to you the toast, once you've purchased all their votes and you sell them at a profit to the unholy ghost well, we hope you get famous! and your dreams, we hope you attain them! may you rise to power! may you have your shining hour! may your enemies all cower! MAY YOU BUILD YOUR TOWERING TOWER! and may angels flock to catch you when you fall... o, brave fortunate son, where'd you acquire all your guns, doo wop, doo wop, doo wop, ah.


released February 3, 2017


all rights reserved



Workman Song Brooklyn, New York

Workman Song is Seán McMahon. A country preacher who cut his teeth on NYC subway platforms & stages, McMahon is known for his “gritty, freewheeling folk...earnest, amber-toned songs exploring the edges of faith” (The Wild Honey Pie) & a live show that's "equal parts Rodriguez (Searching For Sugarman), Bruce, and the Dead…what Dylan would have sounded like on about six tabs of acid" (Baeblemusic). ... more


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